Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life From Dust

The "primary color" of Port-au-Prince is chalk-creamy-white. That is the color of the sand used in making concrete blocks and cement. Crumbled buildings have released clouds of dust which now blanket EVERYTHING in the city! People wash their clothes, just to dry them over a broken down wall, a bush, or razor wire fence - just to be covered again by the dust. Eyes burn, throats are raspy, your skin gritty - just being here.

Out of this dust, life is breaking forth. Broken water pipes become comunal baths, were children splash, play and laugh. Grandmas bathe buck naked - much of the dignity is gone. Water is gathered for drinking and cooking.

Street vendors are everywhere! A few supermarkets and gasoline station ready marts are open, but very little else. So these entrepenureal individuals - desparate for meal tonight, sell anything and everything they can get their hands on. Piles of shoes, used clothes hanging neatly on hangars looped over a length of telephone wire nailed to a broken wall. Piles of tangerines neatly stacked in baskets on the curb. Life is returning.

Church services today.

Cool drinks?


Meat market.


Preparing Lunch.

Walking Pharmacy. What ails you?

Grocery Store?

Looking Sharp! Too bad it's with a Gillette!

Picking up the medical team last Sunday and their luggage on the tarmac - right under the wing. Bob and Andy Russell ride on back to protect supplies from possible thieves. (Photo by Tiffany Morgan)

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  1. Oh no! The SLAW FACTORY!!!!

    Awesome shout out to my excellent photog abilities! :)