Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti in Ruins!

There are not words to describe what happened here in Port-au-Prince, Haiti the afternoon of January 12th. Twenty years or so of advancement were erased in 45 seconds! The massive earthquake that struck that fateful day demolished an already impoverished nation's hope. Many of the schools were destroyed, burying hundreds of children. At least 3 universities that I saw were reduced to a stack of pancakes - killing hundreds of the brightest minds that someday could have lead this country. "School" may not return for a year or more as every level must be rebuilt.

I arrived in Haiti on Sunday to assist for three week the earthquake response Compassion is conducting. The tsunami in South East Asia is the only thing that can come close to describing the loss of life and destruction. An estimated 200,000 people may have perished - but in on tiny geographical area - as contrasted with the tsunami that killed 229,000 in the Asia region. An estimated 2 million Haitians are homeless tonight because of those 45 seconds of terror. Rich or poor, all suffered the same fate. No one but God can add one single moment to our lives.

The sights, sounds, smells, hollow - vacant eyes, anger, fear - are unique. Pictures may better describe the heaviness in my heart for these beautiful people.

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