Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Images

My incredibly supportive and wonderful wife always says she wants to see photos of me while I am in Haiti. So here are some random photos - no rhyme or reason - just to give you a glimps of what life is like here.

Walking aroung Port-au-Prince these days you see heart breaking, gut wrenching scenes of pain, desparation, and hopelessness. But,

You also see beauty,

Proud mamas,
Joyful kids,

Hopeful, aspiring stars, (Casting for Haitian remake of Titanic?)

And, passionate pastors!

Awsome accomodations at the Haiti Hilton - with complimentary early morning wake up calls (rooster), jet tub (broken water pipe flooding a tent), aromatherapy (burning plastic next door), and orthopedic beds (concrete parking lot).

Bob acting weird.

Medical team from USA & Haiti after a long day treating patients in Leogane, an area where over 90% of the buildings were destroyed.
Bob on tarmac at PaP airport with US Airforce C-17 in background. Bob still acting weird!

US Navy hospital ship Comfort in PaP harbor. Tent city of displaced people.


  1. Bob!!! Yay! I love your blog. Makes me feel at home. Weird, I know. God puts these places in our hearts...Love the pictures of all of us. You capture great moments. Miss you. Love, Tiffany

  2. Bob, your pictures touch me so much! You truly have a gift. Not only for photography but for working with people. I have been praying for you daily...I am so glad they have someone like you there!' -Kelsey

  3. Thank you for taking the time to post these and keep people aware of the hopes and heartaches of Haiti.