Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emergency Medical

Fourteen days after the devastating earthquake that destroyed huge sections of Port-au-Prince, Haiti one would not have expected to see what we saw today. Over a dozen broken bones - several had not had any treatment! Three traumatic amputations of toes or fingers. And many serious infections, abscesses, and wounds. We treated around 300 patients in the past couple days. Girl who lost a finger and may lose more when she has surgery tomorrow.

I shadowed Dr. Angus Graham an orthopedic surgeon and assisted with most, if not all splinting of broken bones.

Heather Rubin, a pediatric trauma ICU nurse doing wound care to a woman with a serious and infected gash to the head.

Tiffany Morgan, pediatric trauma ICU nurse, does wound care to a girl who had been trapped by a block wall.

Heather and Tiffany assisting patients at their station.

Even after being treated for a huge gash to the face and a broken arm, this young lady even manages to smile!

Other patients were a little more hesitant. But in the end, everyone was grateful that we would "bother" to go to their community and provide loving medical treatment in Jesus' Name. Few even notice they exist. A true sign of poverty - "invisible".
Because of this wonderful team, hundreds of beautiful people are on the road to recovery!


  1. That last picture is precious!

  2. I love that last picture too.

    You need to upload some of these on our group album at photobucket so I can print them in my book. You need to go check that site out. I'm going to make a small one to keep with me so I'll have something to show people when they ask about the trip.