Friday, April 17, 2009

Uganda - Beautiful, Facinating, Complex

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa... the source of the Nile... a beautiful country that can produce anything! It is a lush paradise that grows whatever you plant. There should be no hunger in Uganda, but there is. HIV/AIDS has devastated the country. UG has made great strides in reducing the new incidences of infection... but now it is growing again, but within married couples! So marriage could be seen as a risk factor. Extremely sad.

The dictatorship and wars has destroyed communities' economic productivity. Cities that used to have many factories and jobs, now are just barely surviving. Mostly on reselling things brought in from elsewhere.

Lake Victoria - the source of the Nile river.

Cemetaries in the yards are common in Eastern Uganda. HIV/AIDS has been devastating. Now almost 40% of the new infectons are within marriages.

Project that is growing citrus, tomatos, passion fruit, papayas, bananas, beans, corn and cabbage for the children.

Spring protection and source we developed to provide 10,000 people safe drinking water.

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